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911 cellular phone case

Protective leather case with belt clip and 6 inch tether. Fits the Good and Better phone
Cat# C2300 Cell phone protective case $11.95
Cell phone protective case
Price: $11.95

911 cellular phone without cellular phone accessories

LG CDM 4000 Portable Emergency 911 Phone

LG CDM 4000 Emergency 911 portable phone, car charger and travel pack carry case $29.95 Cat# MP300 Phone with battery and DC car charger $29.95
LG CDM 4000 Emergency 911 Portable Phone and Car Charger
Price: $29.95

911 cellular phone without cellular phone accessories

Emergency 911 Phone

Like New LG CDM 4000 Emergency 911 digital mode portable flip phone, new lithium ion battery, car charger, AC wall travel charger and travel pack carry case Cat# 650DPC Phone w/battery,car charger $39.95
Phone w/battery,car charger
Price: $39.95

911 Wearable cell Phone

AA Stock Remanufactured Single button 911 emergency cellphone, AC charger, DC car charger, and wearable neck strap lanyard

Cat# AA Pro911 Procon 911 cell phone $98.95 (Absolutely no service fees associated with owning this phone)
AA Procon 911 cell phone
Price: $98.95

911 Wearable cell Phone

New single button 911 emergency cellphone, AC charger, DC car charger, and wearable neck strap lanyard

Cat# Pro911 Procon 911 cell phone $189.95 (Absolutely no service fees associated with owning this phone)
Procon 911 cell phone
Price: $189.95

FreedomAlert: Calls up to 4 phone number contacts including 911

FreedomAlert Home Phone

Our new Freedom Alert product can be programmed to call up to 4 numbers of your choice. Call family and friends - and even the 911 in an emergency.
Freedom Alert is the world's first 2-way speakerphone pendant Personal Emergency Response System with programmable contacts. You can program up to 4 numbers. Call family and friends - or even 911 if family is not available. Simply push the button on the miniature pendant and you are instantly talking to your contact. System covers your whole home and into the yard. All this with No Monthly Fees. No contracts or activation fees. Retails for one time $279.95. Up to 16 pendants can be matched to any base unit FreedomAlert is very simple to set-up. Just plug in phone cord, power adapter, and simply program contact number using your touch-tone phone. It's that easy! Includes:
FreedomAlert Pendant
Base Station
Lanyard around the neck
Belt Clip
Wrist Strap holder

Pendant comes with two rechargeable Li-ion batteries that can provide several hours of talk time on a full charge - and several months in stand-by. One charges in the base station while the other is being used. Simply swap the batteries around every few months. Press the battery test button on the back of the pendant to hear audible announcements "battery is OK, battery is low, or replace battery now". No guessing on battery status.
Cat# FA35911 $279.95 FreedomAlert
Price: $279.95

911 Wearable Home Phone

Guardian 911 Alert: 911 wearable home phone only calls 911 (This works up to 600 feet from a base unit attached to your homes standard phone line, this is a product to only be used in the home. This is not a cellular phone)
Includes: AC adapter and 6 foot phone cord for base unit, AAA alkaline battery, lanyard and quick detachment clip, belt clip for pendant, and instructions manual.
Order the 911 Wearable home phone now and receive our "Better" 911 emergency cell phone free for your safety and security when you’re away from home.
Cat# 911WHP $158.95 911 wearable home phone
Wearable home phone
Price: $158.95

Cat# 12VDS
12 Volt Dual Socket $9.95
Heavy duty cigarette lighter dual socket expands your 12v cigarette lighter outlets into two 12v outlets For car, truck, boat, SUV and RV. Ideal for cell phones, radar detectors, CD players , etc.

12 Volt Dual Socket
Price: $9.95

cell antennabooster

CELL PHONE ANTENNA BOOSTERS and installation only $8.95:

-Eliminates dropped calls, ideal for mission critical emergency use phones
-Reduces annoying static
-Obtain stronger signals in remote areas, tunnels, and almost anywhere!
-Guaranteed to improve your cell phone performance

The internal antenna booster works like a dish on a satellite to capture and emit a stronger signal. By placing the internal antenna behind the fixed antenna of the phone you increase the surface area for sending and receiving messages. This allows for increased signal strength eliminating dropped calls and reducing static interference.

The internal antenna is a passive device designed to capture stray radiation within the phone and re-radiate the signal to improve the phone's performance. This antenna is easy to install. Just slip it underneath the phone's battery and enjoy clear, enhanced, static-free reception.

Phone with cell antennabooster

Order your Antenna Booster with your emergency phone and our technicians will make the proper installation at no extra charge. Installation Instructions:

1. Remove the battery from your phone.

2. Wipe the battery compartment with a clean dry cloth to remove any fingerprints or dirt.

3. Remove the yellow backing from the antenna booster, being careful not to leave fingerprints.

4. Press the antenna booster onto the body of the phone toward the side of the fixed antenna enters the phone.

5. Replace the battery.

6. Test

Cat# AB2300 Antenna Booster and Installation $8.95
Antenna Booster and Installation $8.95
Price: $8.95

Cat# GLP
1 Garage Laser Park $23.95

1 Garage Laser Park
Price: $23.95

Cat# GLP2
2 Garage Laser Parks $44.95
2 Garage Laser Parks
Price: $44.95

Urban Road Warrior $73.95


Heavy Duty Backpack - Extra room for other personal items.
Light Stick - Special high intensity provides 30 minutes of high visibility.
Tow Rope - Tow anything up to 6,000 lbs.
Spot Light - Auto spot light plugs into the cars lighter socket.
Jumper Cables - These 12 foot cables are made of heavy duty 10 gauge rubber and copper.
31 piece First Aid Kit - Contains Band-Aids, Aspirin, Sting Relief Pad, First Aid Instructions and more.
Fire Suppressor & Extinguisher - Strong enough to put out a flare. This could be a real life-saver.
Solar Blanket - This 6' x 4' waterproof blanket retains 90% of your body heat. Great for ground cover.
Waterproof Poncho - User friendly - fits right over your clothes.
Swiss Style Army Knife - 13 functions in all. Screw-drivers, saws, scissors, can openers, tweezers and more.
Flashlight w/ Batteries - This "D" size flashlight has wrist strap and comes with 2 batteries.
Flat Tire Fixer - Fix and go with this non-explosive flat tire fixer. Fixes most tires in one minute.
5 year shelf life Drinking Water - This water is perfect for medical use or to add some water to your battery.
Leather Palm Work Gloves
Whistle with Lanyard
Emergency Instructions
Help Sign
10 yards of Duct Tape
Utility Knife
Wet Naps Hand Cleaner
Reflecting Triangle
Cat# AA01 Urban Road Warrior $73.95
Urban Road Warrior
Price: $73.95


Indoor Outdoor Light

Light turns on automatically at night to prevent stumbling and fumbling with keys
Perfect for doors, steps, porches, decks, gates, sheds, and other outdoor areas

Acts like an automated night light indoors
Prevent accidents and falls indoors by lighting hallways, stairways and restrooms

Includes these features:

  • Built-in Motion Senor: Automatically turns on light from movement of people
  • No wires, battery powered: Batteries last 1 year under normal use
  • Weatherproof: Designed with a water tight “O” ring seal
  • Easily mount: Mounts on wall, sits on table (mounting bracket included)
  • Maximum detection distance: 25 feet, swivels 360 degrees to target motion
  • Photo sensor power saver: Only turns on at night
  • 5 Bright LED lights: Virtually last for ever, estimated life of 30,000 hours
  • Light duration: 12 seconds, light remains while motion continues
  • Uses 4 standard “C” cell alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Stylish black ball shaped head
  • Manufactures suggest retail price MSRP $39.95
Our Introductory price only $29.95

Cat# AA40230

Price: $29.95

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30 day money back satisfaction guarantee if these phones do not meet your expectations or do not operate as expected in your cellular coverage area.

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