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Emergency 911 Cellular Phone


April 17, 2003

Two Satisfied Seniors Here!!!

Great emergency-phone product! Outstanding technical service from AA Communications, Noblesville, IN.!

Recently - we passed that senior timeframe in our lives where my wife and I knew we "should and must" have an emergency cellphone in our car.

But affordability (on a limited budget), simplicity (must be easy to use) and technical assistance (someone to show us how, if need be) were top requirements for us.

The first was a snap. A low one-time buy price, with no hidden or monthly service charges. A dream come true.

Next, the prompt, efficient and concerned emails from Kathy let us know that we were in good hands. No phone tags games. Just courteous, fast and helpful service to answer our every question.

Finally, the need to "walk us slowly" through the connection process was a masterpiece of high tech artwork from Matt himself.

Outcome? We are happy, satisfied seniors-citizens. And a lot more safer because of Kathy, Matt and AA Communications. Check them out at www.911phone.net.

The Hardings, Mary and Dick
Clinton, Massachusetts

Don't Own A Phone, Don't Want One Either Staff, Cellular News, May 09, 2003

A telephone survey conducted by Harris Interactive for AT& T Wireless from March 31 thru April 14, 2003 found 49% percent of non-cellular phone owners feel that they don't need a mobile phone, but wished they had them one for emergencies (76%). There were 503 adult participants within the survey. Many stated that they did not own a cellular phone for several reasons. The top three were that they did not desire one (12%) or they were too expensive (22%) or didn't want to commit to a long-term contract (23%).

I saw this article and wanted to let you know that the AA Communications emergency 911 phone was a great solution for our needs.

Tampa FL


I would like to share my experience with my AA Communications emergency cellular phone. I was recently in a car accident, just south of downtown Chicago. I did not want to leave the scene of the accident yet, I did not feel safe to venture out of my car. I was able to use my 911 emergency telephone to get police at the scene of the accident in a hurry. This was my first time I used my emergency cellular phone and I was very relieved to have it in a potentially threatening situation. Thank you!

I just received the phones and gave one to my daughter. That same day she had car trouble and used the phone. Just wanted to let you know that we found the phones to be useful right away.
Reno Nevada

Thanks for sending my replacement Emergency Cellular phone so promptly. The 911 features functions well.
Roberta Nelson
Miami Florida

Dear Sir/Madam:
Thank you for the super fast delivery--I didn't know the P.O. delivered on Sundays! We weren't on the road 10 minutes when we saw a whole family sitting along the roadside in a disabled vehicle in midday sweltering heat. I plugged in your emergency cell phone, dialed 911, and was very satisfied to hear the emergency operator answer, take down the information, then transfer my call to the State Police for them to coordinate a rescue! Wow! What a great product you have!! I'm going to tell all my friends about it!!! We will feel much more secure on our vacation where we plan to travel over 3,000 miles. Thank you again for offering the emergency cellular phone!
Jim Z.


Hello everyone!
This is not a sales pitch
--we're not selling anything or getting paid for this!!! Just wanted to let you know that Connie and I have used what is called an "Emergency Cellular Phone" for over a year with no problems whatsoever. You might be interested in one for yourself.

Here's why: we purchased the cheapest model for $39 and have used it several times to report emergencies on behalf of stranded motorists and accident victims. It makes FREE calls to "911" with no monthly fees or charges. There is no contract to sign, or any renewal costs of any kind. We are telling you about it because maybe some of you cannot afford a cell phone, but want the peace of mind of having a way to call the police from your vehicle if you or someone else needs help. The people we were able to help were grateful someone was able to make an emergency call for assistance.

I might add that it will make "toll" calls if you need to, but at a higher "roaming" charge rate using operator assistance and a credit card. For example, we were traveling from Illinois to New Jersey and planned to stop at a motel we booked past the half way point in Ohio. However, we were just too tired to make it that far and were falling asleep at the wheel. So, I placed a call to the motel chain using the Op Assist and the plastic money to book a room much closer. It took about 5 minutes and cost us ten bucks; but we were so glad to get off the road early. Actually, the closer hotel had a better discounted room, and we ended up saving $50 which almost paid for the phone and the call!

I know I must sound like a salesman; but, really, I hate sales pitches, and I would not be interested in going into business selling these things for myself. We are only trying to help you out in getting a nearly free cell phone which could save your life or someone else's. Believe me, we don't even know who these people are in the quoted letter below, but their phone works perfectly!!!

With Love, In Jesus Name,

Jim and Connie


I recently received the Motorola phone and couldn't get it to work. You were kind enough to offer to replace it or take another look at it, but that won't be necessary as I have discovered the problem. If you have this problem again with a cellular phone, ask the dummy (in this case, me) if they remembered to put the antenna back on it. I'm embarrassed but not too proud to admit I screwed this one up. Just wanted you to know that the phone works great, and to say Thank You again for your quick response to my "problem"!
Best Regards, G. M.

It is obvious that customer service is a high priority for you. I frankly didn't expect anything more than the standard "that's the way it is" speech. I'm very impressed and will certainly be passing your name along to family and friends interested in this cellular service. I will certainly accept the Travel Pack and again I thank you for your response and consideration.
Colin Croft
Mitchell NE

Just came back from a trip into Iowa, used the phone to advise family members that I was there on a collect call and all went well.
Dr. R.A.Bastian


To everyone at AA, I recently purchased 2 of your emergency phones for my Mom and Dad. They have both tested them by calling 911, and they worked great!! They just keep them in their car "IN CASE" Now I would like to purchase another phone from you for my Grandma. She is recently widowed, and we don't want her on the road alone, so, with your help and LIFELINE, we can feel much better about her venturing out & about by herself. Thank you for making this an option for us without having a big monthly bill along with it!!
Thanks again,

We were traveling across highway 10 in Northern Florida at about 9:00 PM when we began to have car problems. We coasted to a call box along side the road (one is located every 1 to 2 miles on most major freeways in Florida). I opened the call box and pressed a button and a light came on that indicates the authorities got the message. After sitting in the car for over 30 minutes, it was not very pleasant waiting and wondering when and who was going to come along to help. The 30 minutes seemed like an hour as my wife and I "discussed" whether we ran out of gas or if we just had bad fuel. She reminded me that I passed up the opportunity to fill up the tank in Alabama but I had decided not to since the Alabama fuel was too expensive. In any case to cut the story short I got the AA Communication emergency phone out of the glove box after waiting 30 minutes and called 911. I told them I was at call box #23 on highway 10 and wondered if anyone got the call box call. They noted they did receive the call box #23 message and that I had pushed the roadside assistance button (rather than the emergency button)and a tow truck was on its way. At that point they offered to forward the 911 cellular call to the towing company that was called. I took them up on the offer and with in a few seconds I was talking to the dispatcher for the towing service. I told them I did not need a tow, I just needed gas. They said that was good information since the towing truck does not always carry fuel due to insurance reasons. So they noted that they would stop and get a gas can of fuel on the way and it would save me a towing service fee and an extra trip back for fuel. Well the bottom line is this cellular phone call is better than a call box any day and a voice on the other end of the phone is much more assuring than a light turning green on a call box. Also at the same time the call was FREE.
Jim Adams
Muncie Indiana

AA Communications,

I forgot to tell you when I talked to you the other day. I actually used my safety phone in an emergency. I had a meeting in Rochester last Wednesday. On the way home, I kept noticing things were not right. My air conditioner was not blowing cold air, the tape was not playing right and then all of a sudden I went from 60 miles an hour down to 40. Well--I coaxed it into Logansport and was right at the hospital thinking if I can just get to the top of this hill there is a service station at the bottom and I can get help there. Well--the hill won and I lost. But--I didn't panic--I picked up my safety phone, dialed 911, the State Police Post answered, I told her what my problem was, she wanted to know where I was, I told her, she asked what my call back number was, I explained that I was on a safety phone and didn't have a callback number. She said she'd have someone out right away. And about 10 minutes later the Logansport police came--he called a tow truck, they came, towed me in, put in a new alternator, which I was sure was what was wrong, and I was on my way in less than 2 hours. So--a testimony for the phone.

Jet G.
Oxford IN

Wow...you guys make me believe in service and care again. I don't get that very often from businesses these days. Thanks very much and I will send the check.



I received the phone that I ordered and this is to let you know that it is exactly as you described it on your web site. I have tried it out by calling 911 and the transmission and receiving qualities are excellent. I have yet to test for collect and credit card calls, but soon will.

I ordered the home charger and that is the handiest little item I have ever seen. I will use that more that the included car charger as we don't travel much any more.

Thanks for the Quarterly News Letter, it answered several questions for me. Thanks for the tips.

Pleasanton, TX


We received the battery replacement for the one that had arrived damaged. Thank you for your prompt response.

We are impressed with your service.

Lee and Victoria Morgan
Kent, WA



I have made a reputation for good information in the RV world publishing articles on various subjects of interest to RVrs. In researching a recent article I wrote, I came across your website. I am allowed a lot more latitude than some folks because of my non-profit and independent voice.

I recently wrote an article about cell phone services, and included your website on both Escapees RV club and irv2 forums.

I want to thank you for being straight up, and providing a service and honest information that, not may, but will save some lives. Unlike the folks that scam the poor older folks that don't know they can have free emergency service, and charge them $9.95 a month, you tell it like it is. Refreshing!

I wish you the best of luck and earned success in your endeavors, and will continue to mention your website to folks that might need it.

I know you save lives. Maybe I might also have gotten the word out to some that might survive in an otherwise bad situation. I like that approach, and you seem to have it.


RV Roadie


I just recently bought a phone from you (the "Motorola DPC 650 Portable Flip Phone with Refillable Alkaline Battery Pack"). And I'm looking forward to giving it to my wife for her birthday next week. It's a good price and exactly what she needs for her (and me) to feel comfortable. I also like the idea of not having to worry about charging the phone.

Thanks for enclosing the information with phone. In testing out the phone for credit card calls, I found a few problems that weren't covered in that information. Perhaps you could include some of these tips with phones you send to future customers. They would have saved me some headache.

1) In my area (and perhaps others), dialing the number you want to call is the same as just dialing 0. If you dial the number, they still make you enter it again so you might as well just dial 0.

2) I believe that in all areas you may dial 0, SND, and then use option 0 (even if it's not given in the list) to talk to a live operator. That could be useful for some people.

3) At least with the phone I bought (the Motorola DPC 650), when entering information through automated prompts (like credit card number, etc.), it's important to press and hold each number for about a half second. If you dial the numbers too quickly they don't seem to work. It took me a few tries to figure out that was the problem.

4) If they say there is a problem with your credit card, try using a more universally accepted card like Visa or Mastercard. The message I received when I tried to use my Discover card suggested I had made an error.

Thanks again for the phone. I'm very happy with it.

Oh yeah, I forgot I had one complaint. You charged $9.95 for shipping. I would have preferred to pay an extra $6 for the phone and receive a more honest shipping charge. If the extra was to cover packaging and your effort, you could have at least called it "shipping and handling", although that's still a rather excessive fee for "handling".

Anyhow, all in all, I'm very satisfied with the phone. $50 with the shipping and no service fee. I'll recommend you whenever I get the chance!

- Jeremy

Our response to Jeremy:
Do you mind if we use your comment on our customer testimonials page? We would make a comment after this listing that the $9.95 if for shipping (postage & packaging material) and handling expense which we note on our order web page as "Shipping and Handling is only $9.95"

Thank you

Kathy Adams
AA Communications

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