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AA Communications started manufacturing and direct marketing products such as our popular Auto Emergency Kit in 1997. AA Communications is managed by Kathy Adams. AA Communications LLC is registered in the state of Indiana with offices in Noblesville, Indiana. AA Communications is not part of AAA Motor Club.

We encourage the use of credit cards over the Internet because credit card companies protect both you and I from credit card fraud and misuse. Our online shopping area uses the very newest data encryption and Internet security features. We also want to assure you of our concern for your privacy. We commit to you that we will never provide any information given to us through this site to anyone else.

AA Communications distributes low cost refurbished cellular phones directly to consumers for emergency 911 calling and emergency pool phones. Creative Innovations determined that there was a market interest to non cellular phone users when they were made aware of the emergency cellular phone features without a monthly fee. AA Communications research determined that the Internet was the most economical way to inform customers and market these affordable refurbished products.

Since Dec. 1, 1997, the Federal Communications Commission has mandated that all wireless carriers must connect all 911 calls from any cellular phone, whether or not it has a service contract. The order came in reaction to a number of tragedies in which cellular- phone users could not connect to 911 during an emergency because carriers did not provide universal service.

AA Communications got into the business of selling 911-only cellular phones in July 1997, after our founders did their homework - literally. We created a business plan based on a University of Phoenix MBA research project on the feasibility of a business that would sell refurbished cellular phones for 911-only calling. The research showed that there was strong customer demand for a cellular phone that could make 911 calls without a monthly service fee, if the price were affordable. Matthew Adams works for AA Communications in Noblesville, Indiana. Matt Adams buys phones in large quantities from many sources, including overseas vendors in such places as Australia, where the country's wireless service is being converted and used cellular phones are plentiful. The number of phones we have sold in the past 19 months is in the thousands.

The order mandating 911 service from any cellular phone has opened the door to a new safety option for everyone, and a new business opportunity for a few savvy companies who have figured out how to market cellular phones to people who only want 911 service.

Local independent cellular-phone stores usually do not sell used phones for 911 use because the providers who license the agents to re-sell their service frown upon the practice. AA Communications is the most affordable of a handful of companies advertising on the Web selling 911-only cellular phones.

Despite only grudging acceptance by the cellular telephone industry, there's no sign that the FCC will back down on its order decreeing free 911 service to all cellular phones. That means a bright future for our business and a promise of more safety and security for anyone who wants a free wireless lifeline to emergency assistance.

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